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Published: 31st March 2010
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Usually the restaurant server ensures that all the guests are welcome in a timely, friendly, as well as professional manner. At the same time they should also ensure that all service standards required for the type of restaurant they are serving in are followed meticulously. To this end, they should follow the instructions rendered by their supervisors as well as in the manuals.

Restaurant Server Duties

Duties and responsibilities of Restaurant server includes greeting all guests within a minute, suggestive selling as well as using up selling techniques. Moreover the server has to ensure that all orders are taken and written down as well as read back to guests in time. Preparing and delivering the beverages in timely manner is another task to be accomplished by the server.

Other Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the restaurant server do not end with serving of beverages alone. They are also responsible for running foods to the tables as well as ensure quality check backs in timely manner. Running foods to different tables is one of the major responsibilities of the server. Quality check backs must be ensured at regular intervals. In addition the server has to inform the supervisor immediately in case of any customer complaints received. Seating the guests in a timely manner and explaining the daily features as well as wine lists to such guests they perform the task of brand messenger of the restaurant.

Additional Tasks Can be Assigned

Very often the restaurant server is given additional tasks like filling extra stocking items. They include the roll ups, polishing of the cutleries, clearing pockets, and setting up the brunch or the buffet. Handling cash properly and ensuring perfect room posts is another task for them. Vouchers and coupons are handed in with the cash outs and they also clear the tables and reset them during shifts.

Importance of Proper Ringing

Looking at the restaurant server job description one cannot help thinking that the most important task of the server is proper ringing of all orders. Unless the orders of the customers are carried out in proper fashion, it can cause all the problems for the restaurant and not only cause loss of customers but also reputation as well.

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