Professional Athletes Salary – An Overview

Published: 31st March 2010
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One of the careers where the salaries can range from paltry few thousands to millions per annum is the salaries of professional athletes. That is why when someone finds on the informative websites reviewing the salaries and career prospects for different types of jobs online that the salaries range from around $400,000 to $1,800,000 per annum, there should be no reason to be astonished.

Highly Rewarding

Career of any efficient and performing professional is likely to get a boost in view of the continuous fierce competition that takes place for obtaining the services of such professional athletes. Reason is that the athlete who is popular and gives good performance consistently would be high in public popularity scales and this means large amount of money for the sponsors and organizers. Naturally the clubs, sponsors, organizers and all concerned will like to have the best of the professional athletes in their camp and they would be ready to pay handsomely for that.

Difference of Time

In the past athletes were more role models than professional money spinners. Greatest players were paid paltry sums in compared to even what the comparatively newer players get today.

Can one ever compare the compensation paid to Roger Fredericks today on winning a simple ATP tournament in the circuit to what past greats like Rod Lever or Lew Hoad used to get in their hey days even on winning the grand slam on the tennis circuit? Today a player Tiger Woods or Schumacher gets around $1 per second of their time spend in the sports they love, something beyond imagination in the past. Statistics show that Tiger Woods made over $111,941,827 in 2007 alone. And if one looks at David Beckham, the salary goes to around $38.05 per second, one can only feel dizzy.

No Uniformity

However the scenario is not the same everywhere. For instance; sports personnel in some of the less glamorous areas of sports zone does not get as much money as their counterparts in glamorous sports like Tennis, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Golf, Baseball, and Badminton.

However, even in these less glamorous arenas of sports also the earnings are decent and higher in comparison to the earnings of most of the specialized job holders in the market. Of course there is no uniformity in the professional athletes salaries and they vary widely with type of sports, stature of the sportsman, and the country where the game or sports is played. Yet the career opportunities that awaits a successful professional sportsman, at least for the period when they excel in the sports is enormous though limited by the natural law of age catching up with them.

With sports and athletics taking professional outlook, huge career opportunities have come up for efficient and consistently performing professional athletes as well as newcomers in the field. On the state university site, one can view a host of information, data, and statistics relating to careers and professional athletes salaries.

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