Making a Diaper Stacker for Your Child

Published: 13th October 2010
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Very useful as well as decorative nursery item that makes great component for baby gift set, diaper stackers are very useful item for parents. Almost any color scheme can be introduced and the fabric can be decorated with appliqués, ribbons, trim or any such extra items to the liking of the people who are using it.

Standard Diaper Stacker

Standard diaper stacker uses 12 inch size hanger at the top. However it required the same can be adjusted to some other size as well. Making sure to wash, dry and ironing the fabric before beginning the cutting and sewing of the same could be good step for manufacturing the diaper stacker.

Required Accessories

Some of the accessories that are required for making diaper stacker are –

• Small size cloth hangers to be used by the child.

• Cotton fabric; usually 1-2 yards in length for making the diaper stacker;

• Either colored cotton fabric or color drenching could be used to make the diaper stacker colorful.

• Matching colored threads.

• Fusible interfacing at least half a yard in length.

• Paper, pencil, measuring tape, scissors, iron, straight pin, ironing board, and sewing machine.

Cutting the Fabric

For cutting the fabric a half circle that is around 9 x 13 inches in size should be drawn on paper. It would serve as the basic pattern for the top of the diaper stacker. Pinning the half circle pattern to the fabric and cutting around it one should go for a second half circle the same way. The same half circle pattern should be used to cut and make a couple of pieces of the fusible interfacing. Placing the bumpy side of the interfacing against the wrong side of the half circle of the fabric the fusible interface should be ironed to the fabric. Cutting the rectangle fabric into 23 x 22 for the front as well as the back of the bag and 13 x9 for the bottom of the bag they should be made ready for sewing.

Sewing Diaper Stacker

Folding one long edge of each of the front rectangles over 1-2 inches towards the wrong side of the fabric and folding it over another half inch fabric, the fabrics should be stitched in place using matching threads. Putting the fabrics together the keeping the half circles right down on top of the bag fronts, they should be stitched together. Pressing the seam flat the diaper stacker can be manufactured. not only offers the best quality bedding set but also the methods of making excellent bedding accessories and useful items like diaper stackers . Sharing valuable insight with experts on the web is additional benefit for the customers surfing on to the online stores.

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