How to Earn Impressive Actuarial Salary?

Published: 22nd February 2010
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Nature of Work

As mentioned above, an actuary's primary responsibility is to create strategies that can capacitate any financial business with strength and insight to counter uncertainties and unfavorable impacts. Actuaries are mostly found in the field of insurance where they calculate the effects of major incidents like natural disasters, accidents and deaths. Through such assessment, actuaries help minimize the impact of losses on their clients' finances. Collection of pertinent data and study of the same are major parts of an actuary's professional duties.

Educational Qualification

To become an actuary, you could take up an advanced degree in actuarial science. You can also achieve competency in this field of study by taking up online education . An actuarial science degree consists of subjects like calculus, statistics, business communication, finance and economics. Apart from an actuarial science degree, a degree in economics, math, finance or even business can make you an actuary. Though the actuarial science degree is the most preferred, you can successfully get a job only when you clear the actuarial exams.


Actuarial jobs are considered niche all over the world. In the United Kingdom, there are only about 9000 registered actuaries presently. While very few students prepare to be actuaries, the demand for them is quite high. For the very same reason, actuaries are paid high salaries. Actuarial salary in the United States can range from anywhere between $55, 000 and $115, 000. The pay of a student holding an actuarial science degree can start anywhere between $50, 000 and $54, 000.

Actuarial salary being higher than packages paid in most other jobs, are decided on the basis of a few factors like the duration of professional experience, actuary examination passed and the knowledge of computers.

The best actuarial jobs are out there. With the right education, you too can get impressive actuarial salary .Visit the State University website to read Michael Russell talk about all the recent information on online degrees related to actuarial science and associated careers.

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